This function can take either the name of a standardised illuminants, x and y chromaticity coordinates or X, Y, and Z tristimulus values and converts it to tristimulus values normalised to Y=100. All Illuminant series A-F are supported and can be queried both on the CIE 1931 2° and CIE 1964 10° chromaticity coordinates.

as_white_ref(x, fow = 2)



A string giving the name of the standardized illuminant or a 2 (chromaticity) or 3 (trsitimulus) length numeric vector.


The field-of-view for the illuminant - either 2 or 10


A 3-length vector with tristimulus values


# Using names as_white_ref('D65')
#> X Y Z #> 95.04285 100.00000 108.89004
# Using chromaticity values as_white_ref(c(0.3, 0.4))
#> X Y Z #> 75 100 75